Uptown Bounce and the Martin Wong Collection, taken by Ian Wiese: ianwiese.wordpress.com/

Paul Rand, street graffiti and Uptown Bounce at the Museum of the City of New York

Some museums just get it right. The Museum of the City of New York, while an achingly long way away, produces collections that should make every design fan drool with envy…or regret they don’t live closer. In 2014 they exhibited…

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City of Midland Water Tank

Response from the City of Midland Utilities Department regarding water quality and procedures.

This information is prepared for new Midland residents who have questions about the state of the water supply. Upon moving to Midland I read the violation notices of water issues like turbidity, trihalomethane levels, and constituents such selenium, arsenic and…

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Erin Brockovich speaking on water contamination in Midland TX, 2009.

The State of Water in Midland Texas.

“I remember vividly the Hinkley case, the now famous case that the movie was about,” Brockovich said. “As I stood there and I watched people’s well water coming out green, and I watched it coming out yellow, and I’ve said before I never thought I…

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MakerBots and other 3D Printers are making custom moudling easily accessible for the Maker movement. This one was in the MakerBot store in Boston, MA 2014.

Smart homes: Whole house packages or the Internet of Things?

A fad, a Jetsons-like fantasy or the bleeping way of the future we’ve been promised since the Internet sparked? Fifteen years ago I wrote an article for Computech Magazine on smart homes. At the time, a highly planned, pre-designed CAT…

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