Print Design

Larissa's design experience in print stems from her earlier working career career in journalism (BJourn, BAMedia Studies). A get-your-hands-dirty background with print, radio and old school internet is the first and best way to understand the roots of visual design in these vastly different arenas. Nothing smudges like ink.

Print production experiences includes: Book design, typesetting & print production | Billboards & marketing materials | Illustration | Corporate branding style guides | Educational materials | Custom typeface creation | Packaging design | Graphic concepts | Building and vehicle wraps | Photography

Print Design Kuraman Creative
Web Development

Online Development

Larissa has worked in the internet industry since 2000, from her first digital role as an information architect for web development firm Morpheum in the heart of Melbourne's internet bubble. Sixteen solid years of internet experience in design, development and project management has left her trilingual in Developer, Middle Management and Client.

Web design and production | Email campaigns and tracking | Project management of software development | Feature film online promotion (audio and movie streaming, branding campaigns) | Marketing database implementations | Event campaign implementations | Online commercial kits | Production team liaison

UX Review

UX is often relegated to simply part of an online portfolio, but the outcomes of well-considered UX are so impactful on client relationships that it has become a particular focus of Larissa's since 2001. Most recently, she completed UX reviews for Moodle's latest component in online Competency Based Education frameworks.

Other UX projects have included productions of iTV audience behaviour studies | Client advisory on usability issues | Needs requirements assessed | Viewer and user studies (eye-tracking, qualitative and quantitative assessments and reviews) | Usability case studies | Critical design reviews | Graphic concepts | Workforce education in UX heuristics, and training in similar.


Marketing, Branding and Strategy

Logo concept design and production | Brand development and redesigns | Style guide creation | Packaging design | Team workshopping for brand strategy | Typography production for brand strength


Larissa has been involved in the education of design, multimedia and programming since the early days of the internet industry in Melbourne. Throughout her work environment she has conducted seminars and round table discussions on UX, design psychology and how to write content for the web.

Formally Larissa has lectured and led tutorials at a number of universities. These presentations include guest lectures at the University of Western Australia (School of Computer Science and Software Engineering: Scientific Communication - third year and Masters) and the Queensland University of Technology.

At RMIT Larissa tutored students privately in the internal web system, and coordinated the personal integration of international students to the RMIT network.

She has also illustrated and designed interfaces for the University of Western Australia’s WebCT online lecture delivery system.

Later, between children, Larissa worked as a tutor and lecturer at QUT for the Interactive and Visual Design Bachelor degree. See

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